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A Huge Challenge

India's 356 million youth form the world's largest population of 10 to 24 year olds, and India's major metros hold the world's largest slums, home to over half of their population on just a fraction of the city's land, where family incomes are less than $85 a month. India's most disadvantaged children leave school at high rates to provide for their families. Children as young as age 11 drop out to end up in insecure, unskilled jobs or early marriages. Read more...

Child Empowerment
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Life skills and job skills, that's all children need to unlock their potential

Mentoring, coaching, and apprenticeships inculcate leadership, critical thinking and skills for life and livelihoods. We build confidence by increasing fluency in English and broaden horizons through sports, performing arts, media academies and job skills. Life skills and job skills empower teamwork, and the capacity to cope with life stresses, and support their families financially while they complete their education. Salaam Bombay youth emerge confident in their potential, inspired to work towards a brighter future, empowered with skills designed to enhance their contribution to India’s progress.

SUPER ARMY: Active Citizenship & Healthy Choices

Over 50,000 Salaam Bombay children in Mumbai city alone and over 14 million children across six states in India are change agents at school and in their communities. In collaboration with our network of NGOs, government stakeholders and 97,055 teachers, Salaam Bombay proves that engaging the world’s most marginalized children in awareness and action on public health and life skills, promotes their persistence and achievement in school. Activated citizenship changes the lives of youth at the very margins of subsistence in immeasurable ways… Because a child in school has a future.

SUPER ARMY: Active Citizenship

We Change Lives

PROJECT RÉSUMÉ : Skills@School: Appliance Repair

Empowerment at the tender age of 13...

Salaam Bombay’s Project Résumé workshop in small appliance repair empowered Komal, one of four daughters, to convey to her father that she was equal in worth to a son. Komal fixed the only light in their tiny dwelling. Now she can study for exams to advance to tenth grade.

Salaam Bombay Kathak Academy for Classical Indian Dance

How a quiet, withdrawn girl finally found her way to the spotlight.

When Fauziya enrolled in a Salaam Bombay Foundation course on the art and science of hair care and beauty, her parents were very skeptical. They refused to support Fauziya’s endeavor primarily because she was a girl, and not worth the investment. That was two years ago. Today, Fauziya is a 17-year-old college student who contributes financial support to her family from her part-time earnings. Fauziya’s parents are proud of their daughter. Salaam Bombay’s Project Résumé mentors and master teachers convinced them that Fauziya has talent and a promising future

Salaam Bombay Jewelry Design Course

A talented underprivileged boy has a shot at greatness.

Jillani a trail blazer discovered a hidden talent in the Salaam Bombay Jewelry Design course. Money from the sale of his creations helps him meet his personal expenses and save up for university tuition. He looks forward to a career in design.

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SBCF Gala 2017

SBCF Gala 2017

Join us for 'A Night in India' on Saturday, September 30th 2017

Wine tasting and pairing

Wine tasting and pairing

Please join us for SIP, Wine tasting and pairing on Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

Candy Cane Skate

Candy Cane Skate!

Please join us for a fun winter event on December 27th, 2016