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The Salaam Bombay Model

Salaam Bombay Children’s Fund has partnered with the Salaam Bombay Foundation (Mumbai, India) to empower children to stay in school. Focus areas include: In-School and After-School programs and academies to drive leadership, critical thinking and skills for life and livelihoods, vocationally preparing them with important career skills for a brighter future (Project Résumé), and creating tobacco-free environments for children to thrive in, developing leadership skills as public health change agents in their schools and communities (Project Super Army).

Guarding the next generation

Our Programs

We fund programs that work with “at risk” children in urban slums and disadvantaged rural villages. Consistent with 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals* for youth health, education and occupational development, our programs focus on building awareness, self-worth, aspiration and job-related skills. Children are motivated to stay in school and develop skills to better their future. Salaam Bombay programs provide:

  • Advocacy Training and Engaged Citizenship
  • Skills for Life through Athletics and Art
  • Vocational Skill Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Physical Wellness and Sports Training
  • English Language Skills for the Workplace

Developing Career Skills For A Brighter Future

  • 35%
    of children growing up in slums do not receive education of any sort

  • 34,500
    children in Mumbai between the ages of 5 and 14 are engaged in child labour

  • 3 out of 5
    Indians are unemployable due to poor skills

  • 76%
    of employers place high importance on fluency in English

  • 68%
    of municipal school students want to learn English

  • Project Résumé harnesses innovative and engaging learning tools such as sports and arts to teach life skills such as teamwork, discipline, respect and leadership. It builds confidence and self-worth and shapes peer role models.

  • Project Résumé provides children with vocational skills for livelihoods and sustainable careers after school, avoiding early school drop-out leading to unskilled labor, and to grow up to be positive contributors to society.

  • Project Résumé gives children opportunities to earn part-time as they study and increases their capabilities... all the while encouraging them to stay in school.

Salaam Bombay Skills@School: Home Appliance Repair | Mobile Repair | Retail Management | Jewelry Design | Hair & Beauty | English for the Workplace | Hospitality | Tailoring

Most children give in to the ever-mounting pressure to drop out of school and start earning, between the ages of 14 and 16. The Skills@School program addresses this problem by enabling them to work part-time without dropping out. It equips children with necessary skills to apprentice with professionals, helping them save for higher education, and preparing them for sustainable careers after graduation. This program improves the lives of children and benefits their families and communities.

Salaam Bombay Academy of the Arts: Dance | Music | Theatre

Training children in the arts offers them the chance to improve their career prospects; more importantly, it gives them a chance to express themselves. It is at these academies that many children find their voice, get noticed, and discover themselves for the first time. Children earn recognition in performance competitions.

Salaam Bombay Sports Academy: Cricket- the National Passion of India | Field Hockey- The National Sport of India

Sports Academies teach children life skills of leadership, goal-setting, and teamwork. Youth compete in national and international tournaments. Their participation improves their chances of receiving scholarships and job offers – both on and off the playing field.

Salaam Bombay Media Academy

This academy offers intensive courses in journalism, photography, print production and design. It helps children develop strong communication, writing and interpersonal skills.

  • Salaam Bombay children are 77% less likely to be disillusioned about their future

  • Salaam Bombay students are twice as likely as their peers to have a positive seif-concept

  • The Harvard School of Public Health estimated that over 90% of Salaam Bombay children are determined to finish school

  • 4,279 children have gained important life skills at our sports and arts academies

Student Advocacy, Leadership Development and Tobacco Control

  • Project Super Army’s In-School Tobacco Control Program targets children in the 7th, 8th, 9th grades – the critical years in child development when children are at high risk of using tobacco

  • Project Super Army empowers a children’s campaign of engaged citizenship that produces tobacco-free schools and villages and leads to healthier lives

  • Project Super Army includes awareness and advocacy training for key stakeholders in tobacco control, including health workers, the police, NGOs and policy makers

Project Super Army
  • 530,533
    children have emerged as leaders from our Super Army Programme

  • 95%
    of Super Army students report they can face the world with confidence

  • 83.8%
    of Super Army students believe they can help their friends quit tobacco

  • 71.9%
    of Super Army students have worked to prevent tobacco-use in their schools

  • 14,003,308
    children have inspired change in their villages thanks to the Salaam Mumbai Foundation Rural Programme

  • 97,055
    teachers are respected village influencers thanks to the Training the Trainers Programme

Guarding the next generation

The Salaam Bombay Children’s Fund organizes, funds and sustains public/private partnerships that provide programs for life and vocational skills delivered to over 34 million of India’s most vulnerable and marginalized children.

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Hard work and persistence always pays off. Salaam Bombay Foundation’s work with the children of Mumbai’s municipal schools has been yielding rich results where we have been able to encourage more children to stay in school while ensuring that these key cogs of the future stay clear of substance abuse, in particular tobacco. Taking forward our fight, the District Education Officer declared 12 municipal schools in Mumbai as ‘Tobacco-free Zones” earlier this year, when they complied with CBSE guidelines for tobacco-free schools. The Department recognised efforts taken by students and staff of these schools and appreciated the untiring efforts of Salaam Bombay Foundation in championing the cause. The Salaam Bombay Foundation is looking at a further 20 schools to be declared as "tobacco free" zones later in the year.